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Find Cheap Flights from Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) with Blue Air

Find Cheap Flights from Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) with Blue Air

Departure from Cluj-Napoca

Blue Air has flights from Cluj to many destinations in Europe as well domestic flights throughout Romania. With our customizable service options, friendly staff and 10kg of cabin luggage for all passengers, your flight from Cluj will be just as memorable as your time in the city.

Getting to Cluj International Airport

Cluj International Airport (CLJ) is nine kilometers from the center city of Cluj, and can take between 10 to 20 minutes to arrive by car. If you take a taxi, make sure to ask for the official fare to the airport. You can also take the several fast and reliable airport trolleybuses from the Cluj-Napoca Public Transport Company.

Cluj International Airport Amenities

You can find some cafes restaurants in the terminal, but there are also shops including several that sell Romanian and Transylvanian handicrafts and souvenirs. The terminal also offers services like currency exchanges and wifi.