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Find Cheap Flights from Ibiza (IBZ) with Blue Air

Lowest Prices from Ibiza

*Prices have been available for one way within last 48 hours and may not be currently available. Additional baggage fees for other optional service may apply. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Find Cheap Flights from Ibiza (IBZ) with Blue Air

Departure from Ibiza

Blue Air connects Ibiza with Italy, including Turin, Catania and Lamezia. Book your flight from Ibiza with Blue Air and reserve a window seat when you customise your journey.

Getting to Ibiza Airport

Ibiza Airport (IBZ) lies 7 km southwest of the town. Use a taxi to travel to — and from — the city centre and the airport. The ride takes 8 to 15 minutes.

Ibiza Airport Amenities

Visit the bakery to order a coffee and flaó — a scrumptious twist on cheesecake flavoured with mint and aniseed — before your flight. Stop by the pharmacy for any medications. Afterwards, browse the duty-free shops for Spanish delicacies. Check your emails and message your friends using the free Wi-Fi.